Annunciation Radio

March 18, 2020

Your Source for Prayer, News, Inspiration and DAILY MASS

Join Annunciation Radio on any of our FM stations, our website or our app to stay up to date on
everything happening in the Diocese of Toledo during this difficult time. Listen to Morning
Offering with Ron Finn and Dave Vacheresse weekday mornings beginning at 8am. Coming to
you live from our studio in Toledo we will be sharing all of the latest news, announcements and
updates pertaining to our diocesan faith community. We are also your source for Daily Mass.
Join us Monday-Friday at 3:15pm as we broadcast the pre-recorded Mass from our own Holy
Rosary Cathedral. If you would like to listen earlier simply go to the program section of our
website or app and listen any time after 10AM. At 3pm each day we pray our Annunciation
Radio Family Prayer. Join us as we recite the Live & Interactive Divine Mercy Chaplet right from
our studio in Toledo. We include your personal intentions and pray specifically for all of us in
the Diocese of Toledo. Now is the perfect time to turn to Annunciation Radio….your Partner in
Prayer during these uncertain times. 1-877-275-8098

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