Weekly Message from Father Gase

Father Gase July 19, 2020

My Dear Parishioners,

Welcome back to our normal weekend Mass schedule! It is my sincere hope that our normal schedule will help all of us feel a little more...well...normal.

That being said, we know that we're not living in a normal world. The COVID-19 virus is still among us. As I write this article I just received the news that a worker at Tower Automotive (just up the street!) has tested positive.

I have personally had an internal battle for the past several months. Is the virus as serious as they say it is? Should we wear masks? Should we take all these extreme precautions? What about all the "experts?" Who do I believe?

The truth is, we simply don't know. We just don't. I was recently speaking with a priest friend of mine whose mother has an autoimmune disease. For years he has been avoiding contact with her during cold/flu season simply because anything could dramatically affect her well being. This year he has not seen her since February. Mind you, he's my age and is also in relatively good health. At this point he just wants to see his mom, but he knows that if he is a potential carrier of the virus it could be devastating to her.

Why do I mention all this? I want to humbly ask you to consider wearing a mask at church if you currently do not. It is an act of charity to do so. I do fully understand if you have a condition which necessitates that you not wear a mask. But, if you are able, please consider it.

What a shame it would be if we had to go back into lockdown! What a great gift we have in finally being able to receive our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament again.

All this being said- I give thanks to God for bringing us together. I truly love our parish and all of you already. Thank you for being so awesome!

Immaculate Mary, pray for us!

Father Gase

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