Weekly Message from Father Gase

Father Gase September 26, 2020

My Dear Parishioners,

In the bulletin this weekend you will find the financial report for this past fiscal year, ending June 30, 2020. Take a look at it and I'll have more to say about it next week!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the Perpetuate the Gift appeal thus far. As I mentioned last weekend at Mass the funds raised help to offset the amount the parish is assessed by the diocese -in reality you will be helping both the parish and the retired priests of our diocese through your generous contributions. As a future retired priest (albeit not for a long, long, LONG time) thank you!

Another diocesan appeal I would like to mention is the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). The funds raised through the ACA enable the diocese to continue the work of evangelization through its many programs and ministries. Oftentimes we think of the diocese as only being in the city of Toledo itself, but in reality it is the 19 counties of northwest Ohio. A few examples of ministries the ACA support are Catholic Charities, Youth/Young Adult/Campus Ministry, and the education and formation of our diocesan seminarians. Whether you realized it or not, you were supporting me through your ACA contributions while I was studying for the priesthood. Believe it or not, it costs $35,000 for 1 full year of tuition, room, and board for 1 seminarian. Without the ACA I would NOT have been able to attend seminary...my family and I simply did not have that kind of means. A big price tag for 1 year of seminary formation for 1 seminarian attests to the quality of formation today's seminaries provide. Our parish goal for the ACA this year is $30,250.00 (assigned by the diocese). Thus far our parish has pledged $8,653.75. Please consider making a gift...anything you are able to give is appreciated and is immediately put to good use in our diocese.

Enough talk about money...make it a great week!

Immaculate Mary, pray for us!

Father Gase

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