Weekly Message from Father Gase

Father Gase October 02, 2020

My Dear Parishioners,

Last weekend you saw the 2019-2020 financial statement. I'd said that I would have more to say about it in my bulletin article this weekend...but I'm not sure what more I can add! Fr. Jonathan, Jean Schafer, and our finance council have been good stewards of the parish's finances which has resulted in a net gain of $194,747.00. There have been some projects along the way to keep our facilities in good working order: replacement of the front steps of the church as well as the sidewalk and curb, replacement of the concrete walk and pad on the front of the rectory, upgrade of electrical work in the parish offices, installation of additional security in the parish offices including new security camera and video systems. We have had bequests along the way which are always welcomed and appreciated.

As I take over the leadership of the parish I can promise a continuation of good stewardship of our finances. Your generosity will always be respected and appreciated. Thank you to all for your generous continual monetary support of our parish and school. May our Lord abundantly bless you!

Immaculate Mary, pray for us!

Father Gase

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